Ebeid Psychology

Amy K. Ebeid, Psy.D.

As seen on a Sussex Directories Inc siteHello.  My name is Amy Ebeid and I am a licensed clinical psychologist practicing in Fairfax, Virginia. I have been working as a licensed professional with children, adolescents, and adults since 2003. My practice provides individual therapy, couples therapy, family therapy, parental guidance, and psychological assessment.

True growth begins to take shape through self-awareness, reflection, and change. The therapeutic relationship is a major step towards that growth through collaboration, exploration, and understanding. I take great value in this relationship and hope to provide a sense of safety, curiosity, and overall relief of symptoms. In therapy, I hope to help individuals develop and utilize better coping strategies, gain understanding of behaviors, and make connections between past events and future goals.

It’s truly an honor to watch individuals work to gain the successes in their lives, find true happiness and security, and an overall solid sense of themselves. I can be the best therapist when patients bring honesty, curiosity, and openness to their sessions. As previously mentioned, therapy is a collaborative process. Through each session, I hope that patients develop a sense of trust and security each week in my office.

Please call me to set up an initial consultation to see if I am the right therapist for you. Feel free to read more about my approach, background, and services.